4x6 "Joyeux Snow" HOLIDAY TEMPLATE

4x6 "Joyeux Snow" HOLIDAY TEMPLATE

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Deck the Halls with this "Joyeux" Holiday template for the perfect accent to your holiday activation. A wintery breeze and wisps of crystaline flakes create a festive snowscape, augmented by snowy overlay and candy cane sills.


2x6 Template.psd*



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*Modify elements in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements using the accompanying adjustment layers. 
(Includes a Font layer) 

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    Terms and Conditions


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    You and your company employees may edit the existing file and distribute to clients for proofing and booth operation and only in a printed, or flattened digital format, to the glievents, guests or consumers. 

    You are not authorized to resell this template nor incorporate elements of this design into another design that you then sell. None of the elements can be re-sold, shared, gifted, or otherwise redistributed, in whole or in part, to another party. 

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