The Difference is...Everything!

You and your guests want exceptional photographs, a joyous atmosphere and an incredible visual aura that will leave lasting memories. With so many discount booth options providing unremarkable results, PicaBooth™ focuses on image quality, entertainment value and competitive pricing. Boasting unmatched amenities, unsurpassed photographic quality and a one-of-a-kind experience, PicaBooth has become synonymous with quality throughout Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. We provide you with a variety of great rental packages that will truly illuminate your photos and take your event beyond the next level!


Advanced Tech. Premium Gear.

SoftBOX® is hand-crafted Canadian-made technology designed by 'boothers for 'boothers and represents a unique vision for photobooth engineering and a profound advancement in guest experience. Glowing proud and backed by exceptional warranties, SoftBOX has developed reliable technology and a Canadian brand that provides nothing short of the best end-user experience in the industry!

Made In Canada Reliability

24/7 Technical Support

3-Year Warranty


Toronto, ON M5B

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