Our Badge of Honour

We strongly believe there are no substitutes for exceptional craftsmanship. Our clients, and guests appreciate a higher standard and our photobooth products are hand-crafted using advanced equipment and Canadian-first components honed to reduce design and manufacturing defects inherent in low-cost facsimiles.

Built to Last, not built for trash

We all know the story of inferior products manufactured in overseas sweatshops, however SoftBOX® photobooth products have met rigorous Quality Assurance and Health & Safety standards through stringent Canadian manufacturing regulations on environmental emissions, quality of materials and employee labour practices. When buying Canadian, you can trust that the people who make the products are of legal age, treated fairly, work in safe & sanitary conditions and receive equitable compensation for their efforts.

Canadian Innovation is like Maple Syrup

Simply put, you can’t outsource Canadian talent, engineering and diversification. We assemble our entire photobooth product in Toronto, and machine several of its broad components in Canada, adopting parts from the same companies providing for NASA and Tesla, with peripheral components sourced from the very best industry leaders, Apple, Planar, DNP etc. In other words, you’re getting an impeccably built, quality design from a collection of the best products on the market, resulting in bold, intuitive innovation and a renowned brand you can trust for your Studio Wrap Party, Corporate Function, Celebrity Event, Wedding, Celebration, or Private Venue! Big or small, rent or buy, SoftBOX® products are the sweet topping you are looking for!


Toronto, ON M5B

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