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5 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Photobooth

With so many discount booth options out there providing unremarkable results, it can be difficult to find a photobooth capable of truly incredible photographic quality. It's imperative that you shop around and this 5-question guide will definitely help your search!

1. What is this really going to cost me?

True cost is the most important question you can ask, and will require some digging. We receive a lot of inquires where competitors give a low rate up front in order to get your attention, only to charge “extra” fees after the fact, such as withholding copies of the event photos, charging for scrapbooks, USB drives, unlimited prints, or “hidden” fees for travel mileage, delivery, late night service, setup/take down, etc and typically, this is after you have already paid your deposit! Our flat rates are all-inclusive with unlimited photo sessions & prints, a complete collection of unique and creative props, a commemorative guest album, custom-designed photo strip graphics, a USB flash drive memento with every image, an online gallery to share, VIP red carpet treatment, social media instant-access and a friendly attendant. A deposit is necessary to hold your date, but don’t book until you ask the rest of these important questions!

2. How good is the quality of your photos?

Cost should be your first question, but not your primary concern. Ask the company to see examples of their best photos. Do they appear dark, full of shadows, overblown or blurry? If their best is only so-so--heads cut-off, blurry faces, shadows, poor lighting, boring props--then cost is irrelevant, so keep looking! You and your guests want exceptional photographs, a joyous atmosphere and an incredible visual aura that will leave lasting memories, so do your homework and search until you find something unmistakably visually awe-inspiring for a competitive price. It may seem simple, but there is actually a lot that goes into capturing high-quality photos in a booth. We manage excellent image quality with our SoftBOX® LUMA™ DSLR Kiosk incorporating 5-point continuous studio spectrum lighting, similar to that used in a professional photo shoot, housed in our patented Glowing Inflatable Softbox which provides 360°global illumination, perfectly lit photographs every single time, and where our pricing is considered competitive in a value-based industry.

3. Tell me about your photobooth?

This is your special day, and you’re planning everything in advance because it needs to be perfect, so an ugly curtain with pipes and unkempt cables everywhere is the last thing you want. After witnessing some rather interesting makeshift solutions out there, it’s clear not all booths are created equal. So find out what it looks like before it arrives. Some appear to be homemade safety hazards; constructed with painted wood, shower rods and curtains attached, or using antiquated, broken, or just plain boring props (a couple of cut-out signs and some popsicle sticks with paper moustaches—really??) or run by an attendant who frantically throws parts together, then spends the duration of the event texting on their phone and not interacting with your valued guests! We have put a lot of effort into designing our photobooths, constructing professionally-crafted technology that provides an elegant flair to your event. Outside the booth we have a glowing inflatable spectacle surrounded by red carpeting, crowd stanchions and a uniformed attendant that leads your guests through the entire process, from picking props, to entering and exiting the booth, and obtaining their prints. Inside the booth we have a massive touch screen interface, with live view and 360° global illumination so you can see yourself and the photos being taken. Our props are also some of the most unique in the business such as Masks, Hats, Wigs, Glasses, Dolls, Signs, Frames, Glow-props, Prosthetics, and custom Foam cut-outs.

4. Is it actually a photobooth?

Many companies advertise that they have a “photobooth” and then show up with a camera, laptop and a fabric curtain hanging off of a frame. Terminology is important here, so define if you want an “open air” or “closed booth” during your search. As well, be aware the quality of lighting in an open air environment is almost impossible to control, leading to many unexpected results, where an enclosed booth has controlled, balanced lighting. Technology is also important as many booths do NOT show guests their photos until after the fact, which leads to frustration and unflattering poses and disappointment with spoiled photo strips. Find out what kind of camera they are using, or if it is an iPhone, iPad or tablet webcam?? Yikes. Our Glowing Inflatable Softbox is a fully enclosed booth that can fit up to 15 guests, far more than the 3-5 found in a typical setup, and offers a 22” live view touch screen for accurate posing and hilarious engagement! Our SoftBOX® LUMA™ employs a Canon Rebel DSLR camera that takes awesome photos and typically has twice the resolution and vastly superior quality of a tablet or webcam. It’s important to note we also offer open air backdrops, for a reduced price. This is because an open air booth cannot compete with an enclosed booth in terms of aesthetic appeal, enhanced visual quality or intimacy! It really depends on your inclination--and your budget.

5. Do you have liability insurance?

This question typically differentiates the common booth from a distinguished enterprise. Those obscure companies who just run a photobooth business on the side, or who aren’t taking the safety or liability of you and your guests seriously, will typically not be willing to pay the costs of having insurance. Don’t put your event or your guests at risk. PicaBooth | SoftBOX Canada designs, manufactures, rents and sells phootobooth technology. Providing photobooths is our only business, and we are fully insured.

We have been fortunate enough to impress network studios, big corporations, private estates, celebrities, and many exquisite wedding venues who all rave about the Glowing Inflatable and our attention to guest experience, with many becoming regular clients. We are happy to offer any advice on booking an event, so feel free to contact us to talk photobooths!


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